Recovery Recovery1LifeSteps is pleased to introduce you to our partner: Communities for Recovery.  For over 40 years, LifeSteps has devoted its efforts to PREVENTION of substance use disorders. Last year, LifeSteps changed its mission and vision statements to include support for recovery.

Together, we are bringing help and support to those struggling with addiction in Williamson County.  


Family Recovery

The Family Recovery Program was designed to provide much-needed recovery support services, education, and mutual support to the family members and allies of individuals struggling with addiction.

Our goal is to supply families with tools they need to address addiction constructively and begin their OWN personal process of healing and recovery. They can discover their strengths and renewed hope to share with others.

The Family Education Program is FREE and consists of three two-hour presentations and it’s facilitated by trained peers. It provides information and educational support to help families begin their own process of healing and recovery.

UPCOMING CLASSES - There is no cost to attend the classes, however, registration is required due to limited seating.

New classes coming January 2021 - more information to follow.



APL is a peer-based workshop. You will learn how to implement the tools of recovery in your day-to-day life, and create action plans that help you in life and guide the individuals that you identify - friends, family members, and allies - when you face a crisis and can no longer take appropriate actions on your own behalf.

You learn how to develop an individualized post-crisis plan by asking yourself:

  • What is a crisis for me? Mental health, addiction, or ER hospital?
  • Do I have an Advance Directive?
  • Do I have a Medical Power of Attorney?
  • Who are my supporters and what will they agree to help me with before, during, and after a crisis?
  • Have I had those open, sometimes hard conversations with my supporters?
  • Who will take care of my kids or pets?
  • Who do I trust to pay my bills so I do not lose my home?
  • Who has a key to my place to get me things that I need?
  • Who will give me rides?
  • Who will get medications for me or has a list of all of my medications?

The APL program is FREE.  The program is offered for groups of up to 6 participants. It is a one-hour weekly session for 8 consecutive weeks.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion.


  • APL is a relapse prevention program; the certification may be well-received by judges, parole officers, and attorneys.


UPCOMING CLASSES - There is no cost to attend the classes, however, registration is required. 

 Upcoming Sessions:


Click on Event Name for description/registration
APL Jan 17,2023 3:30 pm - Mar 7,2023 4:30 pm


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