Our Story

LS 40_messageThe Williamson County Council on Alcoholism, (now known as LifeSteps Council on Alcohol and Drugs) began in 1978 when Barbara Brightwell convened a group of Georgetown community activists who were concerned about the profound psychological, social and financial toll that alcohol abuse was taking on individuals and families. Back then, our clients visited a tiny office on the square in Georgetown, where, at the top of two flights of stairs, a chemical dependency counselor provided caring guidance.  Back then, LifeSteps collaborated with Georgetown Hospital (now St. David’s Georgetown Hospital) for detox, and with 12-Step programs for recovery management.  The principle approach was simple:  prevention works


LifeSteps was licensed to provide court-ordered offender education for DWI and Drug Offender classes in 1997, and thousands of misdemeanor offenders have gotten their lives back on track through these classes. In 2004, LifeSteps received its first state-funded grant for a Community Coalition, making prevention awareness and education available county-wide. Thereafter, a string of state contracts funded prevention education in schools, and continued Coalition efforts.  LifeSteps’ newest programs – Wee Care and PADRE, began in 2013.  These programs provide prenatal and parenting classes and case management for expecting mothers and fathers and parents of children under the age of 18 months.   LifeSteps helps with navigating the health care system and trusted referrals for services.  Since 2013, Wee Care case managers have provided parenting classes to 1,526 women and teen parents, and they helped expectant parents bring 168 newborns home to safe, secure and nurturing families.


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We are grateful for the leadership legacy that has allowed LifeSteps to serve our community. We are entering a new era of enhanced services that empower individuals and families to lead healthy, successful, and self-fulfilling lives.  LifeSteps’ future is bright, just as the future is bright for those whose lives have been made better through the services LifeSteps provides. 




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