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Wee Care


The Wee Care program by LifeSteps focuses on pregnant women and teens, and postpartum women and teens who have children between the ages of birth and 18 months. Wee Care’s main goal is to provide helpful services and resources to pregnant and postpartum women as they navigate their path to parenthood. Because parenting can be a difficult task for new, future, and even current mothers, we want to be there to help in any way we can! LifeSteps does all of this in order to prevent substance use among pregnant and parenting mothers.

Can I be part of Wee Care?

If you can answer “YES” to one or more of the following, then you may be eligible for Wee Care services.

  • Are you pregnant, and age 19 or younger?
  • Do you currently or have you in the past had a case with CPS?
  • Do you now or have you in the past used or been dependent on alcohol or other drugs?
  • Do you now or have you in the past experienced family violence towards you or your children?
  • Do you have or have you ever had mental health problems, including a perinatal mood disorder?
  • Is someone who lives with you using or dependent on alcohol or other drugs?
  • Are you now or have in the past you experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse?
  • Did you have insufficient, late (third trimester) or no prenatal care?
  • Are you currently experiencing financial problems?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of the above questions, give us a call! We can answer any questions you might have about the Wee Care Program and get you started in the program right away.

Wee Care believes that it is very important to help pregnant and postpartum women decrease the number of risk factors in their lives.  Research shows the more positive support a woman has in her life, the less likely she will be to become involved in harmful drugs and alcohol.


Interested in attending one of our classes?  Call 512-869-2571 to save a seat!


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Wee Care Referral Form 

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Intake must be completed before attendance to the classes. Please, call 512-869-2571 for more information.

Class locations: Georgetown, Round Rock , Austin, & Waco


How We Can Help 

The Wee Care staff understands that being a parent can be hard, which is why we want to teach you ways to manage this task more efficiently. All our services are free and include ongoing case management, education about pregnancy and parenting, fun bonding activities for you and your child, resources, and more.

Case Management

Case management will have you working closely with one of the trained Wee Care staff members in order to determine your needs and help you meet those needs. Together, you will develop a plan that addresses the specific needs of you and your child. Through continued scheduled visits, either in person or on the phone, you and your caseworker will determine if you can benefit from any of the following:

  • Educational and parenting groups;
  • Health care referrals;
  • Accessing community resources;
  • Crisis counseling; and/or
  • Other parenting Resources.

Participants in the Wee Care program may attend parenting and educational groups at no charge. We use the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, which is an evidence-based program.

Bonding Activities

As a participant in WEE Care, you will be invited to join in activities that support and encourage bonding with your child in a fun, drug-free environment.

Location and Transportation

As a parent, we understand that you have your hands full. That’s why we strive to make our services easy to reach. Your Wee Care case manager will try to meet you at locations and times convenient for you. Local community centers, clinics, and partnered agencies that are close to your home can be considered for use. Home visits are available by necessity.

Additionally, bus vouchers will be available where applicable.

Questions?  Contact us at:
P: 512-869-2571
F: 512-869-1667
Email:  weecare@lifestepscouncil.org  

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