Cognitive Change Education

Cognitive Change Education

Cognitive Change Education

(8 Hours)   (in replace of New Directions)

This 8-hour cognitive change education class was designed for a variety of offenses.  The purpose is to help participants understand how change takes place and the rules, tools, and targets of change.

The Cognitive Change class will teach participants to: Understand the workings of the brain and cognition and the basic purpose and objectives of the “thinking” before acting approach of the Cognitive Change Program.

  • Understand the impact of conduct stemming from problematic thoughts can have on their personal life and on the community in which they live.
  • Do a brief self-evaluation of how they see their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and behavior relating to their harmful actions and/or criminal history.
  • Have full awareness of the consequences of problematic thinking errors
  • Learn to change thinking, beliefs and attitudes in order to control their actions
  • Learn strategies and skills to live a more responsible and meaningful life.
  • Have a more positive relationship with themselves, with others, and with the community
  • Prevent a return to problematic thinking and behaviors patterns


Please, allow yourself 30 minutes to complete registration before office closes.


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